Karten Network

The Karten Network – Overview

The Karten Network is a network of IT centres for disabled people. The centres are funded through the Ian Karten Charitable Trust, with the purpose of improving the quality of life and independence of adult people with congenital or acquired physical, cognitive, sensory, learning disabilities or mental health problems. The Karten Centres provide a supportive learning environment together with access to the latest in adaptive computer technology, and are located in a wide range of host organisations.

TechAbility Conference 2018

TechAbility presents a conference for all who wish to improve and expand Assistive Technology provision for their learners. This one-day conference to be held on 16th October is focussed on increasing skills and knowledge across the FE sector.

Karten Centre staff can attend for the reduced delegate rate of £50. There will be a Karten Centre specific workshop in amongst the other fabulous stuff that is going on!

Don't miss out, book your place soon!

View more information on the conference

Blended Learning Consortium

The Blended Learning Consortium (http://blc-fe.org/) operates out of the Heart of Worcestershire College. It is a consortium of further education colleges that co-develop and build interactive e-learning content for various subjects that can range from literacy and numeracy to catering, animal care and plumbing. All the resources are dictated by a voting system amongst the member colleges.

The consortium usually charge an annual £5,000 subscription fee, which goes towards development costs, but they currently offer it for free to specialist colleges.

Whilst many of resources and courses are aimed at higher skilled students than we have at Young Epilepsy, we have had some success with adapting the consortium’s resources to suit our own needs – the consortium allows individual colleges to download and edit the content in this way. The consortium also offers discount deals on various software packages and learning platforms.

If there are any members of the network who are interested, I’m more than happy to make the necessary introductions.

Nick Tingley (ntingley@youngepilepsy.org.uk)

Information Learning Technologist

Young Epilepsy

Funding update – March 2018

Trustees of the Ian Karten Charitable Trust met in March and approved funding for additional equipment at the following Karten Centres:

  • Cambian Pengwern College
  • Care for Veterans
  • Fife College
  • FitzRoy Maltings Fakenham
  • Norwood Ravenswood
  • RNIB College Loughborough
  • Treloar's Print

We wish the successful Karten Centres well in implementing their projects and look forward to case studies in due course.

The next Trustees meeting will be held in September 2018, applications need to be sent to dawn@karten-network.org.uk by 12 noon on 13 July 2018. Karten Centres intending to submit an application should notify Dawn at the earliest opportunity in order that relevant guidance and support can be given.