The resources on this site are focused on the needs of learners and keeping them safe on-line rather than the whys and wherefores of what e-Safety is. Below are  links to three on-line resources which can help you understand more about what e-Safety is and even if you think you know it is always worth re-visiting the basics.

LSIS E-Safety Module 2 Unit 9 –  in this unit you will explore more about e-Safety and e-Responsibility  and consider the important aspects for your organisation, the learners and for you. You will need a log-in and the link will take you to the LSIS Learning Environment. If it is your first time there you will need to create a new account.  Once registered you need to find the Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment Course (under Free Courses).

RSC E-Responsibility On-line Resource – the JISC Regional Support Centres  have brought together the best resources for raising awareness and planning e-Safety which will support a range of roles across the Learning and Skills sector. They include resources for self-assessing personal and organisational risk, raising awareness and skills with learners and staff as well as advice on meeting legal and inspection requirements.

RSC East Midlands E-learning and E-Safety Course – the course aims to introduce tutors/managers to the issues involved in making information technology safe for learners – whether they are children, young people or adults. The course can be downloaded to use on your own Moodle platform.

LSIS – also provides targeted faced to face training on:-

  •   E-Safety and e-responsibility – one day;
  •   Train the trainers for e-safety – one day;
  •   Safeguarding and learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities – one day.