Broadland Meridian, Kings Lynn

Services/focus of the Karten Centre

The aim of the Centre is to offer Digital Inclusion Training and experience to people with a wide range of disabilities and mental health problems, not only to develop their IT skills but also to encourage a growth in personal confidence and self-esteem. The IT programme can form part of a wider and more comprehensive work preparation programme or a standalone option under Lifelong Learning initiatives.

Centre specialisms:

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Centre Address

Pleasant Court, Hospital Walk, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5PR

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Karten Centre Manager

Kevin Gee

Contact Details


01603 750191


Host Organisation

Broadland Meridain

Host Organisation Address

NCFC South Stand Carrow Road Norwich NR1 1HU

Karten Centre Website

Centre Established

May 2001


The Centre is specifically equipped to be able to offer a full service to clients with mobility, cognitive and communication difficulties, in order to maximise their employment potential.

With portable technology we also provide an Outreach Service to those clients who live in the more remote areas of the County and who may be unable to access for a variety of reasons the designated Centre(s).


Varying degrees of mobility, physical, mental health and special needs disabilities

Technology used in the Karten Centre

We have 12 teaching computer stations along with access to 6 laptops and 2 tablets

Assistive Technology

Mobile Phone(s)

Dongle for Internet connection

Multimedia Keyboard - Yellow - XL Printed Letters

Evoluent 4 Vertical Mouse Right/Left Handed

Karten Centre Staff

One key team member

6 Broadland Housing Staff providing support if required

Karten Centre Hours

Our Centre is open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (1 to 2pm closed for lunch)

Services offered to the Network

We can offer the network the additional benefits of a wide variety of Employability, Money Management as well as Digital Inclusion programmes.


We work in partnership with a wide statutory of voluntary and community sector organisations.

In particular we host a Building Better Opportunities New Horizon Project funded by the Big Lottery & European Social Fund to support people who are socially isolated, financially excluded or who have complex and multiple barriers to preparing for, finding and sustaining work.

Additional Information

The Broadland Housing Group is committed to “Improving life opportunities for the people of Norfolk and North Suffolk through housing and support provision”. We aim to provide an effective support services, in partnership with others in the private, public and voluntary sectors who can assist in improving the life opportunities of our tenants and vulnerable people in our communities.

Broadland Meridian has been at the forefront of developing specialist support services relating to employment for 25 years. The cornerstone of our service is the effectiveness with which we can enable people to make progress towards and into employment from whatever their starting point. Our whole approach is targeted towards providing services which meet individual needs.

We recognise that some people may want to get into a job as quickly as possible, whilst others may wish to take a slower approach in order to gain skills and confidence. Securing a more meaningful use of time, whether it be through accessing educational or training opportunities, a Work Placement programme, Voluntary, Part-time or Full-time Work opportunities are forefront in the support, which is provided.