Orchardville Society, Orchardville Business Centre

Services/focus of the Karten Centre

We are a social enterprise who provides a training environment for people with learning disability and / or Autism, enabling them to learn on the job skills, working with the public, providing hand finished services to business and the general public.

We have the facilities in house to produce digital print, large format print, t-shirts, mugs, canvas prints, mailings, bespoke hand finishing etc. Every job we undertake has an element that our service users can get involved with and learn from. It is our aim to develop these working skills in each individual to improve communication skills and build confidence before entering the world of paid employment.

Centre specialisms:

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Centre Address

144-152 Ravenhill Road, Belfast BT6 8ED, United Kingdom

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Karten Centre Manager

Samantha Haddock

Contact Details


02890 461561



Host Organisation

Orchardville Society

Host Organisation Address

144-152 Ravenhill Road, Belfast, BT6 8ED

Karten Centre Website


Centre Established

January 1999


Our Service Users have learning disability and or Autism, we as a Business Centre are a small portion of the Orchardville Society, we are a stepping stone in the Orchardville process. We have approx 50 service users who attend Business Centre per week, this is made up of a different group each day and included various ages.


The majority of our service users attend our service with learning disability and or Autism, but some can present other medical issues including mobility problems, dexterity issues, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy etc.

Technology used in the Karten Centre

  • Surface pro tablets
  • T-shirt printing equipment
  • Mug press
  • Various printers - including digital small format, large format, white ink
  • Vinyl cutter for T-shirt prints
  • Various print finishing equipment (folding machine, binder, guillotine)

Assistive Technology

  • Eduprint software
  • Magic touch hardware (t-shirt printing)
  • Magic cut software (Vinyl cutting)
  • Touchscreen tablets

Karten Centre Staff

There is approximately 70 staff employed across Orchardville but 5 staff employed within the Karten Business Centre.

Karten Centre Hours

Business Centre is open between 9am - 3pm for service users.

Services offered to the Network

We can provide digital small format & large format printing as well as T-shirt print, mug printing and any hand finishing requirements (within restricted space tolerance)