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Services/focus of the Karten Centre

The centre currently uses ipads connected to the college wi-fi system enabling a more mobile approach to learning and access to the external sections of the centre; these being the farm and the horticulture department. Qcode apps are also used on the ipads. When an ipad scans a Qcode this will bring up information or websites relating to the area the Qcode is located.

Centre specialisms:

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Centre Address

Nottingham Road, Mansfield, NOTTS, NG18 4TJ

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Karten Centre Manager

Trevor Edwards

Contact Details


01623 499100



Host Organisation

Portland College

Host Organisation Address

Nottingham Road, Mansfield, NOTTS, NG18 4TJ

Karten Centre Website


Centre Established

January 2001


The centre sits within Portland College, a specialist Further Education College. All our clients are learners who have a statement of Special Educational Needs. Under the 2014 SEND reforms they are entitled to have Education Health Care Plans. Our learners are considered 'High Needs' under the government additional learning support funding guidance. Those using the devices in the centre will do so as part of their full time Study Programme.


Our clients have a wide range of physical and learning disabilities including but not limited to :
Cerebral Palsy
Prada Willi syndrome
Global development Delay

Technology used in the Karten Centre

Windows tablets
Communication aids
Switches - talking switches and switches for access
Virtual reality headsets for use with mobile phones
Clevertouch interactive screens
Smart boards

Assistive Technology

Clicker7 - used to support ICT and literacy skills
Chooseitmaker3 - For creating interactive choice making activities
iPads - QR codes,phot and video evidence , sensory apps,socrative,editing apps
Switches - to access computers,to control powerpoints, for environmental control
Clevertouch screens and smart boards - for group and individual session activities

Karten Centre Staff

There are a range of staff in regular direct contact learners for their learning and teaching. These are made up of 29 teaching staff, a Learner Services team of 5 and 94 Learning Support Assistants. Additional support for life and learning is provided through the therapy teams (namely Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy) plus nursing, ACT (Access to Communication Technology) and AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

Karten Centre Hours

5 days a week Mon-Fri

Services offered to the Network

Share AAC knowledge and support
Could offer peer observations for CPD opportunities
Sharing of case studies relating to use of technologies


We currently don't have any partnerships but the Student Services section work very closely with local companies forming relationships for students to attend work placement