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Services/focus of the Karten Centre

A community enterprise hub that provides well-being and lifestyle support to local people. The Disability Action Centre hosts a range of Not For Profit, Charitable, and Private sector organisations that aim to improve the lives of local people. Some of our tenants include Digital Accessibility Services, RNIB, Gibran, ELITE Supported Employment Agency, and Chiromedical
A number of organisations run a wide variety of training courses from the Disability Action Centre each week including Direct Nursing Services, Adult Community Learning, and Chwarae Teg.

Centre specialisms:

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Centre Address

The Courtyard, D'Arcy Business Park, D'Arcy Business Park, Llandarcy, SA10 6EJ

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Karten Centre Manager

Ben Hinchey

Contact Details


07894 799527


Host Organisation

Shaw Trust Ltd.

Host Organisation Address

The Courtyard, D'Arcy Business Park, D'Arcy Business Park, Llandarcy, SA10 6EJ

Karten Centre Website

Centre Established

October 2000


The Disability Action Centre receives hundreds of clients each week, whether to meet with our tenant organisations, participate in training being run by external organisations, or to take part in any open days or seminars being run by local bodies.
The Disability Action Centre now receives a wide range of customers from disabled people to ex-offenders who are looking for support with housing and employment, to trainee nurses and care assistants.


Our wide client base has a range of needs, however those that currently access our Karten funded ICT suite typically have physical and/or sensory disabilities.

Technology used in the Karten Centre

6 PC's running Windows XP, networked Inkjet printer and separate scanner. Each PC has a Web-cam and headset

Assistive Technology

We have a variety of hardware available to support people with various disabilities including high visibility keyboards, big key keyboards, specialist mice and wrist rests. The software used includes:

  • Guide Version 6
  • Jaws Version13
  • Dragon
  • NVDA
  • Supernova Reader/Magnifier Version 12
  • Text Help Read and Write 10.

Karten Centre Staff

There are 4 permanent Shaw Trust staff working at the Centre. However The room is hired out as and when required

Karten Centre Hours

The Shaw Trust Disability Action Centre Karten-funded Centre is open between 08:00-17:00 Monday - Friday, 50weeks per annum

However current usage of our suite is approximately 12 hours reaching 8-16 learners each week.

Services offered to the Network

  • Available ICT suite for assessments, training, workshops
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms with refreshments can be used to hold open days, seminars, training, or workshops
  • Digital accessibility services which may include audit of any software or content for accessibility for disabled users


Shaw Trust works with a range of partners across South West Wales although at this stage there would be no projects in particular that would be of note to the users of our Karten funded Centre.