Gordon Burnham

Gordon Burnham at workplace

Gordon has worked as a Miner, Driver, Plastic Injection Moulder, Fresh Food Producer and an Anti-Corrosive Powder Coater. A terrible brain injury and minor stroke meant he had to retire due to illness. Gordon was ‘driven’ to work again and was accepted on a Karten course at Portland College.

Gordon says,

In both 1989 and 2001, I suffered terrible brain injuries and was forced into premature retirement thinking that my working life was over at the age of 40.

I was given the chance to take a training course at Portland College in the Karten CTEC Centre.

To my credit I succeeded in gaining Microsoft Office Specialist Qualifications and am working towards an OCR qualification in Text Production. My confidence hit the heavens and I am now doing work experience as a Learning Support Assistant, assisting other students in using IT. This work gives me so much satisfaction, helping people who need to learn like I did. I now feel that I am in a very good position to secure full time employment; I thought I would never work again, but thanks to the Karten CTEC Centre at Portland my vision is becoming a reality.