Jenny Chandler

Jenny Chandler at work

I was a passenger in a car accident in 1997. I had just finished a course at college where I had become a qualified riding instructor.

Straight after my accident I spent 9 months in hospital recovering and then was discharged home and had out-patient therapy. Also in this time I had to accept a lot of changes in my life, one of them being I wouldn’t be bale to work with horses any longer. I found this quite hard and although I wanted to get back to work I wasn’t sure how to go about it and wasn’t even sure on the type of work I could now do. This was when I heard about Rehab UK. It sounded ideal to help me gain employment.

The first few months was a great time for me, meeting lots of people in the same situation, with the same ambition to get back into work. We had group sessions where we were taught and swapped ideas of how to manage our disabilities at different times. I spent a lot of time talking to a Rehab UK job coach about the sort of job I would be interested in doing. I was still unsure at this point as I didn’t have any other qualifications.

A computer course in the Ian Karten CTEC Centre was an integral part of the programme and it is now in this area of work I have a job.

Before the computer course I had rarely used a computer and am very grateful to Rehab UK for giving me the opportunity to get qualified in an area I can now work in. The equipment in the Karten CTEC Centre and the teaching Rehab UK was able to provide was first class and my thanks go to everyone involved.