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10 Mobile Apps we love

Man sitting at a table in front of an iPad

24th February 2020, 13:00

Going through some popular apps that we have enjoyed using. Teach your learners to use their phone to organise their money, read text around them, keep audio notes, tell the time, find a toilet, find a sign language word, speak in French and even solutions to encourage them to put the phone down…due to popular demand. Options for Android and Apple users!

Presented by: Neil Beck

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Social Stories

A table with tablet AAC devices

4th March 2020 13:00

Overviews of features in Boardmaker, Storycreator, Pictello and low cost versions to create visual resources for learners.

Presented by: Fil McIntyre and Carrie Sant

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Fil McIntyre giving a presentation

12th March 2020 13:00

AAC devices store a large amount of data such as names and photos. If the devices are owned by an organisation this data is covered by GDPR legislation. Fil will discuss how to balance the rights of the AAC user with an organisations’ responsibilities in this tricky area.

Presented by: Fil McIntyre

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Medical Device Regulations: what’s changing? 

Man touching two hands on an insteractive screen

19th March 2020 13:00

The new Medical Device Regulations come into force on the 26th May 2020. Hannah Golding, (Treloar College: Assistive Technology Manager) will give an overview of the regulations and how they may impact those working in educational and Assistive Technology settings.

Presented by: Hannah Golding

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Technology for Travel Training

Young lady waiting at a traffic light pedestrian crossing

26th March 2020 13:00

An introduction and discussion regarding technology that has been used to improve outcomes for learners embarking on travel training. This webinar will cover tools for memory, safety and organisation.

Presented by: Neil Beck

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