The Meath Epilepsy Charity

Services/focus of the Karten Centre

The Meath Epilepsy Charity (Reg. Charity No 200359) aims to enhance the lives of 82 residential adults plus external adult clients who have complex epilepsy and related disabilities by ensuring they receive the support, expert care and encouragement required to build confidence, acquire new skills and maximize independence in their daily lives encouraging them to become valued members of the wider community. It is a little known fact that 1 in 100 people suffer from epilepsy.

These are good and positive times for The Meath who in 2017 celebrated 125 years of being a charity and received an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating on an unannounced visit putting us in the top 1% of care homes in the country. We offer a world of possibilities for people challenged by epilepsy and associated disabilities and every success is celebrated.

Centre specialisms:

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Centre Address

Westbrook Road, Godalming GU7 2QH, UK

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Karten Centre Manager

Lucy Miguda

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Host Organisation

The Meath

Host Organisation Address

Westbrook Road, Godalming GU7 2QH

Centre setting

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Karten Centre Website

Centre Established

September 2018


The Meath is a residential care home for 82 adults of mixed learning disabilities and physical disabilities who will use the new IT Suite predominantly during the day for learning and development. The IT Suite will be used every day all day and often at the weekends as well by the people we support. The IT equipment will be used for both learning and leisure. Our external residents who live in Godalming also come up daily to enjoy and benefit from the facilities.

Typical ages of clients

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Our residents have severe epilepsy and associated difficulties.

Type/s of disabilties

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Technology used in the Karten Centre

  • Touch Screen PCs
  • Sit stand desks - To accommodate all residents including those using wheelchairs and standing frames.
  • Professional chairs to ensure that user falls forward if they have a seizure and do not tip backwards and fall on the floor.
  • Wireless headphones so zero chance of strangulation if resident has a seizure.
  • Ergonomically designed keyboards which are also wireless.
  • Optima rollerballs
  • Multi adjustable screen bracket to allow for optimum viewing and postural support.
  • 6 x large 12" x 9" iPads with docking station and heavy duty covers to allow residents to use IT on the move.
  • Software
  • 55" Clevertouch Screen


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Karten Centre Staff

200 work at the Meath Epilepsy Charity across Care and Admin areas.
4 Support Workers work daily in the IT Suite accompanied as required by extra care support workers. They are overseen by a Supervisor and Asst. Director of Skills Centre.

Karten Centre Hours

Every day both morning and afternoon Monday to Friday with evening training sessions being looked at both for residents (Techy Hour) and also training sessions for staff. Residents can use the IT Suite at the weekend if they so wish.