EyeControl, an Israeli based company are developing an eye controlled communication device that does not require a screen to be placed in front of the user.

The existing devices are very expensive and even if the patient can afford them, the devices require a calibration for every use and a dedicated computer alongside. The current devices limit the communication span to times when the patients are situated in front of a computer screen. They do not enable the patient to communicate in countless situations, varying from lying in bed or being on the go (e.g. wheelchair, car etc.). These limitations are inconvenient for the patients, but much more important – the limitations can endanger patients’ lives.

More information about EyeControl can be found on their website: http://www.eyecontrol.co.il

EyeControl are looking to find someone with marketing of Medical devices/Assistive Tech experience in the UK to either to join the EyeControl team (or work on freelance basis) to assist them with marketing the device in the UK.

Should this be of interest to you, please contact Or Retzkin (E-mail: or@eyecontrol.co.il), CEO of EyeControl.