Karten Network supporting you during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

The Karten Network is treating the Covid-19 outbreak as a major incident.  Our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of people across the services we support and within the Karten Network support team.

We’re closely following the latest advice and guidance issued by the UK Government, Public Health England and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  We will continue to take appropriate and necessary steps in accordance with official advice to keep our community and network as safe as possible.

The best defence to prevent the spread of Covid-19 continues to be good hand hygiene practices and social distancing.

We are implementing the following precautionary measures with immediate effect:

  • No non-essential travel
  • Provider visits to be replaced with remote support
  • Face-to-face meetings to be replaced with remote meetings

These are unprecedented times and we will endeavour to provide ongoing support to organisations throughout the pandemic.  Digital tools will be key in keeping us working over the coming months.  We will issue information and guidance to Centres to support you with this.  We will use the Karten email group, website and Twitter account to communicate key information.

If any of our support team are required to self-isolate during the Covid-19 pandemic you will still be able to contact us by email, phone or video‑conference.

Dawn Green – Karten Network Development Co-ordinator
Tel: 07821 723941

Martin Pistorius – Mobile Technology Adviser

Fil McIntyre – Assistive Technologist, TechAbility
Tel: 07516 726936

Finally, may I take the opportunity to wish you and your organisations well during these extraordinarily challenging times.

Dawn Green