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Services/focus of the Karten Centre

Complementary Service courses, activities and events are currently accessed by 108 individuals who live in Norwood residential and supported living services alongside people who live in the local community. iPads and other technologies support classroom and leisure based activities. Complementary Services and AT work closely with each other and other professionals in a multidisciplinary approach to continuously review peoples needs and ensure we are maximising support via technology.

Alongside group and classroom based sessions we offer engagement opportunities on a one to one or small group basis which can take place in the home or in our pop up sensory space funded by the Karten Network based at Ravenswood. By using technology such as a Mobile Magic Carpet alongside a range of sensory resources we are able to create sensory environments around various themes to capture peoples imaginations and support engagement. These sessions offer immersive sensory stories, pop up sensory environments and sensory explorative spaces.

Our Assistive Technology team also support people to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do because of limited movement or communication difficulties. The team carries out assessments to determine the support required.
This could be to increase independence and safety in the home setting or improve participation and engagement in Complementary Services.

Centre specialisms:

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Centre Address

Ravenswood VIllage, Nine Mile Ride, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6BQ

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Karten Centre Manager

Jeanette Hooper
01344 755522

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01344 755593


Host Organisation


Host Organisation Address

Ravenswood VIllage, Nine Mile Ride, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6BQ

Karten Centre Website

Centre Established

July 1996


The people we work with have complex disabilities and primarily live in Norwood's residential and supported living services. People from the local community also access the centre for specific courses via our Complementary Services programmes.


The people we support have a wide range of learning disabilities including Autism, Downs Syndrome, and associated complex health needs (PMLD). Many of our older clients have additional complications of the onset of early dementia

Technology used in the Karten Centre

Android tablets
Smartbox eye gaze
Smart Phones
Adjustable desks
Adaptive mouse/keyboard
Opti Projector
Mobile Magic Carpet
Soundbeam 6
Sound distortion microphone

Assistive Technology

Norwood has made a significant commitment to using Assistive Technology (AT) to support all aspects of our service delivery. The team support the assessment, implementation and training of AT solutions. The technology we use covers a range of requirements, broadly arranged in the following categories:

Safety & Monitoring – telecare devices including pendant alarms, epilepsy monitors, door contacts; GPS monitoring devices to support safe walking; automatic pill dispensers to promote independence.

Communication & Environmental Control – Eye gaze devices and tablets that are programmed to control curtains, televisions and music systems and act as communication devices; software applications that support the creation of communication grids and other support resources; developing immersive sensory spaces to support people with complex needs.

Learning & Leisure – supporting young people in education with laptops and tablets; immersive sensory activities, providing devices to enable access to the internet for entertainment (YouTube etc.) and supporting communication with families by using Skype, FaceTime, email etc.

The AT team support our staff to identify the outcomes required and matches the AT solution. We provide installation and training to support our staff in implementing and using the devices.

Karten Centre Staff

Life Long Learning
1 full-time tutor
4 Learning and Leisure Practitioners
1 part time

Assistive Technology
1 Intensive Interaction and Sensory support Specialist
1 Assistive Technology Manager
3 FT Assistant Technology Support

Karten Centre Hours

Monday - Friday 9am -5pm

Services offered to the Network

We offer Assistive Technology and support a range of learning opportunities via the Complementary services Team.
We provide wellbeing activities for people with complex needs using technology and sensory items to provide tranquil, immersive spaces to enable relaxation, experiential learning, develop communication skills and improve the sense of wellbeing.


We work closely with Wokingham Borough Councils Adult Education Team to support community learning.