Rehab UK

Services/focus of the Karten Centre

To help give people with disabilities access to computer technology for vocational training, education and communication to increase their independence and improve their quality of life.

Centre Address

The Karten CTEC Centre at Rehab UK 21 St. Thomas Street London SE1 9RY

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Karten Centre Manager

Dr David Sollis

Contact Details


020 7378 0505


Host Organisation

Rehab UK

Karten Centre Website

Centre Established

July 2001


People who have suffered Acquired Brain Injury.

Technology used in the Karten Centre

9 workstations

Assistive Technology

A range of assistive technology

Karten Centre Staff

The London CTEC Centre covers the basement level of 21 St. Thomas Street and is fully lift accessible for the disabled. It boasts a large I.T. room, resources room (where research for jobs takes place), kitchen and rest facilities.