Useful Links

E safety and e responsibility

Excellence Gateway links to guidance for Learners, Technical Staff, Learning Providers and Curriculum Managers, Teachers and Trainers as well as a number of other useful resources.

JISC RSC E-Responsibility On-line Resource

The JISC Regional Support Centre RSC brought together the best resources for raising awareness and planning e-safety which will support a range of roles across the sector. They include resources for self-assessing personal and organisational risk, raising awareness and skills with learners and staff as well as advice on meeting legal and inspection. requirements.


European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people. There are sections for children, parents and teachers

JISC Legal

Institutions have both legal and statutory duties to safeguard the welfare of all learners when making use of ICT.  There are a variety of legal issues to consider within the e-safety context, including; cyberbullying, harassment, defamation, hosting liability and data protection. The site provides a range of resources offering advise and guidance in this and a range of  arenas. Law, ICT and Independent Specialist Colleges will be of specific interest.

NEN E-Safety Resources

The National Education Network provides a safe and secure network infrastructure for schools. The regionally and nationally acclaimed resources contained within NEN’s e-Safety site provide specific advice for pupils, parents and carers, governors, schools and Local Authorities.

South West Grid for Learning

A school focused site but with some excellent resources, reports and news items.  Resources include the 360 degree review tool and a range of e-Safety movies.

The Safeguarding Resource Finder (Becta)

This is a range of Becta resources in the National Archives. They cover a wide range of e-Safety topics, from on-line extremism to embedding e-Safety in the curriculum. Much of the content is still very relevant.